Visualisation options as an alternative to SanKey diagram

  • I am building a report to show customer journeys and their arrears levels.

    I have 8 cohorts based on level of arrears and whether they are current or former tenants.  (Lets call then C1-C4 and F1-F4)

    The busines would like to see on a rolling 4 period (current and 3 previous months) the number of people in each cohort but also which cohort they were in the previous month.  I have no issues producing the raw data but I am struggling for a decent presentation option.

    For Example if we look at group C1 (current tenants under 4 weeks in arrears)

    Last month there we 20 of them. This month there are 25

    Of that 25:

    • 3 are new to report (i.e. were not in any cohort)
    • 17 were in C1 last month so have not moved
    • 5 were in C2 and have improved their debt position.

    Of the 20 that were in C1 last month

    • 17 are still in C1 (same 17 as above)
    • 2 have moved to C2 (debt has grown)
    • 1 has moved to F1 (tenancy was terminated)

    This screams SanKey diagram to me, but unfortunately I am limited to what is on offer in Reporting Services, or as a last resort Excel.

    I am thinking stacked barcharts where each stack is for a particular cohort and the stacked bars represent the previous period breakdown but this will either require 3 charts (for Prev-Current, Prev2-Prev, Prev3-Prev2) or clusterd stacked bar chart where I show all three period bars for the cohort together, but I am not sure either has the correct visual impact or is easy to interpret.

    Anyone got any other suggestions?

  • Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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