Visual Studio.. where do I find the install for it.

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     I have a Ent Edition 64 Bit SQL Server 2005 install that I want to install Visual Studio on. I cannot find the install for it on any of my CDs....


     Is there even a 64 bit edition of Visual Studio ?  If not, where can I find the 32 bit version of Visual Studio ?



  • Greg Edwards-268690


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    For x64 bit machines, you can install a 32 bit version. I don't think they have done any 64 bit versions yet.This was on our disk for x64 bit.

    Not sure if they even put a version on the Itanium disk.

    Greg E

  • Gift Peddie

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    Actually there is 64bits regular VS2005 but there is no 64bits BI management studio because you really don't need it.  Microsoft joined Oracle in the 64bits market and in Oracle you don't need 64bits client tools, with one exception in SQL Server 64bits you need to do LOG compare or you get algebra LOG numbers but most people don't need it.  BTW it takes about a minute to connect to the 32bits version.



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    Gift Peddie

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