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  • In addition to Jamie's resource list, there is a Hands On Lab that you can use to work through some of the concepts. Once you really understand what's going on, it gets easier. I'd highly recommend his post on handling permissions across environments, though. One thing VS for DBs doesn't do well is handle the concept of different permissions/role members/certificates/etc in different environments. I found that post really useful to come up with a better way to handle similar issues in our environments. (I'm actually off to finish up the remainder of our DB Projects after I tweak the powershell and SQL scripts a bit.)

  • Jamie,

    Thanks for such a great list of resources.


  • Daniel Bowlin (2/18/2011)


    Thanks for such a great list of resources.


    Some of the four answer options looked unlikely enough that I thought the odds of a correct guess would be better than 1 in 4, and I was feeling too lazy to look up the VS doc so I guessed. Lucky me, it was right.


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