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  • Nice question.:-) thanks!!

  • My only thought was.... where is the index for the statistics?

    I kept trying to figure out a way that would have allowed for the statistics, but couldn't come up with one.

    Yay +1 for me.

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  • L' Eomot Inversé (10/14/2012)

    I wonder how many people will fail to notice that although you've got everything ready to create the index you haven't actually done so, so the view is not indexed and can't have statistics.

    Exactly why I got it wrong. I didn't spend the time to read through the question carefully.

  • This questions shows once more the variety of things you can do with MSSQL.


  • Hugo Kornelis (10/15/2012)

    At first sight, I thought this was a question to check whether indexed views can have their own statistics. I did not know that, so I set out to research that, and I thought this was a great question.

    I would have preferred a question worded that way too. It checks the same knowledge and offers the same learning opportunity.

    Than, I (luckily) doublechecked the question - and found that it is actually a question that tests my ability to read carefully, and to not fall victim to suggested information.

    Same here - except I didn't spot the trap. People who know me may not be surprised to hear that I know manual and auto-statistics can be created on views (and why they are only used when the NOEXPAND hint is used), but still got this question 'wrong'. The same thing happened with the previous instalment in this series - I knew the correct SET options, but missed spotting the WITH SCHEMABINDING omission.

    Ron has already submitted a lot of questions, and I have never seen him intentionally try to trick people, so I am sure that it was not his intention to make this a trick question either.

    Perhaps - it is hard to know. My personal preference would be to make the questions completely free of 'trickery'.

  • Nice question, thanks.

  • Sorry but I think it's a bit tricky to create an indexed view with no index !

    not really a knwledge question but a question about attentive reading

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