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    As a former bank VP, I am highly offended . OK, I got over it.

    Years ago though, after hearing several such comments about the number of VPs in banking, I calculated the % at my bank. If I remember correctly, only about 5% of employees had VP or greater title.

    As I understood it, the real reason for many titles in banking is that one needs to be an officer of the corporation in order to have the legal authority to sign certain documents (ie loans). Besides, when I was signing multi-million dollar loan documents on behalf of the bank, I'm sure my clients' attorneys felt better knowing I was signing as a VP, rather than "Loan Salesman". (When they laid me off a few years ago, I decided I didn't want to be a "Loan Salesman" anymore, so I went back to school and became a developer/dba ).

    Some of my best friend work for banks as venture capitalists, funding managers or derivatives sales people. They all started at least as an Associate Director or something like this. I agree, that in most cases this is due to legal reasons. They must be able to represent the bank in negotiations, sign contract in the name of the bank and, and , and....

    ...apart from this those titles sound really cool.

    Hey, whom do you want to talk to:

    a) an Associate Director of Structured Credit Sales

    b) Assistant Vice President Derivate Products and Structured Products or

    c) an ordinary Derivate Salesman ?

    Actually all people do the same job!


    Frank: Although I may have wanted to at times, I never executed any of my clients.

    Glad to hear that, I decide for myself to be very nice to this man, because in addition to his business card he also looked like someone who could break my neck with one hand.

    Btw, interesting career! Serious !!!


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  • One of my best friends works in the banking industry, but not as a DBA, something to do with networking. I believe he's been a VP a number of times.

    I have worked with VPs and Directors who still like to have their hand in the game. The problem is that most of their working knowledge of computer stopped about COBOL (compiled only by outrageous luck) times.

    Dr. Peter Venkman: Generally you don't see that kind of behavior in a major appliance.


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