Very slow, giving bad gateway errors and QOTD show as unanswered when they are

  • Coming to the new site for the first time today it is extremely slow for me and clicking on the QOTD section keeps giving a Bad Gateway Error and when I can see the questions, ones I have answered say Answer this but when I click on them it says they are already answered - also some QOTDs might be missing as there are gaps in dates.

    Links in emails don't always take you to the QOTD but to an article about data compression.

    Also content is off-centre due to advert at top-right and top grey bar has a search box to the right and a divider on the left indicating something is missing.

    Google Lighthouse (F12 and audit tab of Chrome) shows 50% for performance and 64% for best practices. Looks like main issue is the use of 35 different .css files. Also jQuery migrate is used which seems strange for a new site as this is to support legacy features removed from jQuery in the past.

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  • Also some dates look like they may be incorrect - for example the Counter Offer Part 2 came via email on 3rd April 2019 as "Today's editorial" yet the date against the article shows as being posted in 2015 as do most of the responses - unless this is a re-post of an old article (but it doesn't say so)? Actually looking at the post ID the other responses do look like they must have been made a long time ago. Does seem a bit strange though?

    P.S. Speed is better now and Gateway errors are gone. It seems there is a delay to QOTDs showing the correct status as they do eventually but seems to take quite a few minutes so not sure if some background sync is being run?

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  • One further thing I noticed is that you can view the discussions on QOTD before you have answered them and often this could give away the answer and I think you had to answer first before to be able to see responses and contribute, unless I'm wrong?

  • We had some redirection errors today, which were causing links to go to an older article.

    There were some gateway errors I saw today as well. Not sure what was happening with the back end, but they seem to have cleared up. A ticket filed to look at them.

    Visually, not sure if something was missing, but without some image or repro, it's hard to track down. I don't see that. If you have an issue, please capture a URL and image, if possible.

    The editorial from 3 Apr was noted as a republish. It says so right below the title.

  • Hello Steve

    I am still getting the redirection error such as going to email and clicking on links to the QOTD which always seem to go to the data compression article - i.e:

    However it would seem this is because these QOTDs are missing as going to the QOTD section on the website there are various gaps in dates.

    Regarding the editorial from 3rd April. It doesn't mention it is a republish in the email (like it used to) or when you click on "Join the debate, and respond to today's editorial on the forums". It is only apparent if you then click on the link to the counter offer article from the comments where it loads in the browser and shows under the title. As I had already read it in the email I did not click this.

    The whole of the forums are misaligned in all browsers due to the Free Whitepaper advert at the top-right but now I realise this may be by design.

    Speed of some pages is very slow (white screen for about 8 seconds) whilst others are not too bad (in UK). Would be good if could get rid of legacy jQuery features and the 35 css files I think.

    Maybe an index would help on the wp_options table as it does for MySQL (unfixed bug):

  • Thanks. Those links work for admins, but apparently something is broken in them for users.

    There wasn't a message at the top of the article, but that's the only place there's been a note about republishing.

    For the forums, I'm not sure what you mean by misaligned. It's difficult to understand from your description what you think should be happened. The forums are styled to not be as wide as the page because of the advert. That is by design, but using terminology like misaligned isn't accurate.

    We haven't done much with speed as there are other issues to still work on for now.

  • Hello Steve

    The speed seems better now. Sorry rather than saying misaligned I should have said off-centre. I think if the small Redgate add was in the right gutter that might be better, allowing forums to be centred, but is only a minor thing and doesn't affect functionality or anything.


    Overall the site and emails look cleaner and more modern and I can imagine it would have been quite a task to migrate.



  • Thanks for the note, and not complaining to you, but trying to ensure you understand how we view the reports of bugs. The more detailed or exact you are, the more we can determine if we need to fix things.

    It's been quite a journey and more changes to come. We appreciate you noting things and letting us know what you see.

  • I dig the new look, the only problem is that - for me anyway - since the change the site seems to be really, really slow at times.  Especially navigating in the forums.  For example if I click Forums-->Active Threads it takes a good two or three minutes before it actually refreshes.  I haven't seen any error messages or anything like that, and it's not even consistently slow - but when it's slow, it's really slow.

    Anyway, just figured I'd throw it out there.  Love the site; it's been a great resource for years now.




  • There are some slow times. Just had the gateway issue myself. Some of this is the load of people running searches. The default system uses FTS and that doesn't scale well (the way its implemented). We are testing a Google search component here and hope to implement that in the next week. Hopefully that will speed some things up.


    Appreciate the kind words.


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