VERITAS vs NT Backups

  • Monday Morning,

    a chance to rant and rave! Does anybody have opinions on the above. The background is SS2K/W2k Clustered. I had expected to get Backup Exec on the cluster but the network people are asking me if NT Backup will do. Currently I'm using NTBackup on one node but the scheduling isn't working and I'm only taking the SQL backup files from the first and second nodes.


  • So far I've heard no one voting for any 3rd party backup, regardless of situation. General recommendation is to backup to disk and keep several days worth on disk if possible, backup from disk to tape.


  • Sorry, I should have specified, I've no intention of using a third party SQL backup engine. I was strictly talking about the tape backup of the disk-based files. Sorry about the confusion.


  • I've used BackupExec and liked it, but it only really allowed me to grab multiple servers easily and manage the schedule.

    I have a friend who swears by NTBackup and uses it for two reasons. It works and it's free. With a little scripting it covers all his needs and hasn't failed.

    Steve Jones

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