Veritas Net Backup

  • Hi,

    We are using SQL 2014 version. The scheduled backup job is failing with below message

    Executed as user: servername\system. The step did not generate any output. Process Exit Code 1. The step failed.

    The job is failing frequently with same message. The job is executing the power shell script for

    "c:\Program Files\Veritas\Netbackup\bin\dbbackex.exe" -f c"\Temp\PowerShell\NetBackupScript.bch" -np

    It is running successfully some times so it it not related to the permission issue. Any help will be appreciated

  • ramana3327 wrote:

    "c:\Program Files\Veritas\Netbackup\bin\dbbackex.exe" -f c"\Temp\PowerShell\NetBackupScript.bch" -np

    Syntax for the 2nd path doesn't look correct.

    Is there a connection problem to wherever the target backup folder is ?

  • Thank you. There’s no issue with the file location or target. 70% of the databases are backing up and only few are failing. Also each when run the job manually it is working fine. The 2nd path is kind of out put, when ever the job execute it will write the back up type and the database name in the file.

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