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  • Interesting question, thanks Steve
    Learned something, which is a great way to end the week

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  • Didn't know about the checking for available space so learned something new,

    Cheers Steve

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  • Heck, I didn't know it checked for available space.

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  • The whole, valid command would be (plus maybe some with-options)
    RESTORE VERIFYONLY FROM DISK='\\SERVER1\Backup\my_big_db\FULL\SERVER1_my_big_db_FULL_20180803_210600.bak'

    Sorry, but checking the disk space does not make any sense, since I do not specify, where I want to restore the database. It could be my local 128-GB SSD which would be never sufficient for a 500 GB database or it could be the 3 TB SAN drive. I could drop or overwrite the old database before executing the restore. I could increase the SAN-drive or could delete some old stuff...

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  • The restore location is the original file locations, or you can use RESTORE VERIFYONLY ... WITH MOVE to specify somewhere else.  Either way, the restore location is always defined.

  • Grant Fritchey - Friday, August 3, 2018 5:31 AM

    Heck, I didn't know it checked for available space.

    New one on me too, thanks Steve.


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