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  • Dear all,

    We are looking for web based system through which we can administer a large number of vendors from all over the world. For each vendor, we want to add information such as

    - country of origin

    - rates

    - team members

    - previous projects


    - some information in a memo field

    From our team, 3 people should be able to access this system through a web interface. Does anybody has an idea? Thanks

  • You're asking buy versus build I assume. From what you're describing, I'd buy, or, more likely, pay for a service. Vendor management and Customer Relation Managers (CRM) systems are pretty similar, so you're going to see a lot of crossover. Here's a list of top vendor management software. I'd pick the one from this list that best fits your needs.

    Otherwise, you just have to build a relational data store and a web front end. None of that is hard, unless you don't have the skills within your org. That's why I'd go with getting a service instead of building yourself.

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