Variable does not contain a valid data object

  • hi

    i have an ssis package (2005) that initially executes a sql task to get some results - of which there are only 1 for testing and which i have confirmed via sql execution

    the result is mapped to a variable type "object" (as i will be passing multiple results in live ) called Load

    it then goes to a Foreachloop container where it dumps out results based on each Load

    but its erratic

    first time it works and creates the file, then it will create a file with no results then it will error stating

    Error: 0x3 at Foreach Loop Container: Variable "User::load" does not contain a valid data object

    any ideas what could be happening?

  • ooops feel stupid now!

    i had another stray sql task hidden from view also passing vales to the same varaible

    apols, all fixed now 🙂

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