Valentines Day

  • george sibbald (2/15/2014)

    Gary Varga (2/14/2014)

    Thomas Abraham (2/14/2014)

    BWFC (2/14/2014)

    The cynics amongst us might say there are two appropriate answers though!

    My experience is that $ spent on Valentine's Day, or any odd Wednesday, on flowers/jewelry/chocolate/stuffed animals/etc. provides a decent return on investment. If not, perhaps you need a different Valentine.

    Thanks for the fun question Steve - and the seven points - which I'll have to cash in to buy something appropriate to the day. 😉

    You make a good point but my "Valentine", a.k.a. Mrs Varga, would rather not support shareholders in card companies and me purchasing, usually overpriced, flowers on the day that has been designated as the socially accepted commercialised day to do this. Instead we both prefer random spontaneous purchases of flowers (more frequently than annually) as demonstrations of appreciation and affection of each other (yep, I sometimes receive flowers too).

    My wife is contrary. So, of course, she got me a card and flowers this year. Contrariness is her best/worst trait 😛

    What is the best strategy? Socially accepted conformity or personal spontaneity?

    The advice can only be... depends!!! :laugh:

    you didn't fall for the old 'that's alright you don't have to get me anything' line did you? 🙂

    No. Extenuating circumstances applied this year.


    -- Stop your grinnin' and drop your linen...they're everywhere!!!

  • Stewart "Arturius" Campbell (2/14/2014)

    twin.devil (2/14/2014)

    now who said sql server does not have a heart 😛

    +1 :laugh:

    +10 😛

  • like it 🙂

  • Gary Varga (2/14/2014)

    A heavy black heart for all the pointless money spent? 😛

    Along those lines, I think it was a joke that one of the other choices - select char(36) - translates to '$'


    A SQL query walks into a bar and sees two tables. He walks up to them and asks, "Can I join you?"

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