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  • Very cool. But it would be nice to get rig of the cursor and replace with Min/Max looping logic. Otherwise this is an excellent utility.

  • Nice surf. 3 of us took a 2 hour brunch on Tuesday... 😀

  • You don't indicate what version you're running, but if SQL2005 you could (quick n dirty) do this.. it returns a superset of the columns you used but you can always customize that.



    DB_NAME(sp.dbid) dbname,

    OBJECT_NAME(st.objectid,sp.dbid) as oname,

    CAST(st.text AS VARCHAR(7000)) as script


    sys.sysprocesses sp


    sys.dm_exec_sql_text (sp.sql_handle) st

    ...BOL mentions sys.sysprocesses is not long for this world so you *really* should use one of these-- depending on what you need:




    Cursors are useful if you don't know SQL

  • Nice Wave Man! memories of Kirra Point.

  • I have problems with getting it to run. I am getting errors on the single quotes (Unicode probably). Is there an easy way to fix it?

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