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    Hi Brandon

    How often do you run this stored procedure, and why?

    I'm just trying to understand under what scenario you would want to shrink all transaction logs.

    It would be a good idea to indicate in the article that regularly shrinking log files is not a recommended practice. I can see a newcomer to SQL Server reading the article and interpreting it as meaning that regularly shrinking log files is a good idea.


  • Paul Randal

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    Hear, hear. As is, this article is terrible. You don't explain any of the reasons for doing this (or more importantly, not doing it).

    You also say you must take a full backup to reestablish the log backup chain - not true - you can take a differential backup instead - potentially smaller and faster. You just need something to bridge the missing LSN gap.

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    Thanks for the script.

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    Good or bad I still love the surfing picture.

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