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  • Pedro, I am writing an article on the steps to prepare for rebuilding the master database and I'd like to cite your script for the securables creation process. If I include your code as-is with your credit acknowledgement embedded within it, along with a reference to this article would you allow it?

    Thank you.

    - Tim Ford, SQL Server MVPhttp://www.sqlcruise.com

  • Hello, sorry for the delay.

    Go right ahead, providing you give proper credit. Also, could you send me a link to that article when it's done?

    Thank you


  • Absolutely Pedro!

    - Tim Ford, SQL Server MVPhttp://www.sqlcruise.com

  • Stupid question. I ran the query, and it was successful but what do I do now? I don't see any output tables or anything to use on the new build. In other words, how or what do I run on the new SQL server to import the security information (logins) and all their rights?


  • Run it in query analyzer, or management studio, and browse over to the "messages" tab. Ther you have the DDL.

  • Hello When I try to create the procedure,

    I receive the error message :

    Msg 102, Level 15, State 1, Procedure usp_SecurCreation, Line 96

    Incorrect syntax near '@SCDB'.

    Msg 102, Level 15, State 1, Procedure usp_SecurCreation, Line 134

    Incorrect syntax near '@SCDB'.

    This correspond to the code

    INSERT INTO #TempSecurables2

    EXEC master..sp_executesql (@SCDB)

    May I ask you some help ?


  • Hi! Thanks for the info. Just had to remove the parenthesis on both sp_executesql statements. I've uploaded the correction.

    Let me know if you'te all set. 🙂

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