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  • The last line of the where clause reads:

    AND ((a.user_seeks + a.user_scans + a.user_lookups) = 0 OR a.user_updates = 0)

    I think "OR a.user_updates = 0" should be removed. For example, I've got an index with 9 million hits but no updates. This index is certainly not unused just because the data is static.

  • And you're right, of course. I'll edit ASAP.

    Thank you 😎

  • I'd like to see some type of formula that would determine the efficiency of a particular index, e.g. (pseudo-code)

    If (user_seeks <> '0') and (user_scans/user_seeks > 0.5)

    output 'Verify Index' , Table_Name, Index_Name

    I'm still researching what ratios of what categories are significant.

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