Using XML from data variable option in SSIS

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  • This opened my eyes to some interesting ideas Cindy -- thanks.

    It would be nice to have a followup on how to create a webservice that provides the data that feeds this package.

  • Cindy,

    First off thanks for the article, it is very timely for me.

    I tried this using SSIS 2005, with VB.Net as the script language with a SQL Server 2005 back end.

    I was able to translate the C# to VB and have the scrip working just fine.

    And while building the Data Flow portion of the package every thing went smooth, regardless of which XSD I used, the columns mapped just fine and every thing look good to go.

    However, when I execute the package I get the nasty RED on the xml Source object and the two following error messages.

    [XML Source [390]] Error: The component "XML Source" (390) was unable to read the XML data.

    [DTS.Pipeline] Error: component "XML Source" (390) failed the prepare phase and returned error code 0xC02090D0.

    I have tried Googling these messages but am getting no where in my attempts to trouble shoot the error.

    Do you have any thoughts, solutions or directions to point me?

    Thank you,


  • Excellent .Good One

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