Using the Timestamp Data Type - SQL School Video

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  • Another great video...

  • Excellent! Switched a cumbersome time-sensitive file to use timestamp. Much better than the brute force way I was using. I tried timestamps for concurrency also, but put too much effort into it before I finally gave it up.

  • I'm under the impression that SQL Server 2008 is getting rid of the current timestamp behavior and changing to be a real date-time data type rather than binary. I don't know if any functionality would change as a result of that change.

    Am I right? Does it matter in regards to the video content?

    Thanks, - JJ

  • I've been doing Sql Server for 12 years and I learn something from every video. This one was great.


  • how would you use this to audit changes?

  • Hi,

    I have read quite a few wonderful articles by Brian (a well deserved SQL Server MVP) but this video is the first thing I have ever seen from him that disappoints me. There is so much omitted from the video that while technically correct it is rather misleading. Here are some of the reasons:

    Where is any discussion that timestamp is being deprecated (MS suggests using rowversion). It is widely used but aren't viewers told that what MS plans to do with it?

    Why isn't any mention that timestamp is used most often to verify that the row has not been modified since the client read the row?

    Timestamp is rarely used to find rows - it is widely used to verify that it has not been changed both in TSQL and in dataset processing.


  • dear people,

    Why is timestamp really deprecated. i get all kinds of answers for using rowversion instead of timestamps because timestamp is deprecated and will not be available in future sql versions?

    Rowversion and timestamp are the same? but only the name is different?

    let me know why it is deprecated?



  • Brian, You deserve to be a MVP 🙂 Way too many good videos from you which is helping lot of us. Thank you!

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