Using SSIS to zip files and email the zipped files

  • Very helpful article! Simple and well-explained. Thanks for posting it!!!

  • Hi ,

    Please help me telling what is the Output of Variable "OutExecutable",

    I am doing the coding in C# and my Folderpath are different .

    If some one could help telling the Output of "OutExecutable" then I could do my coding accordingly ??

  • I can't seem to get the script task to work. Where exactly do I paste the code into what is already there. Thanks

  • Hi

    You just replace the given contents for a new script task, with the contents given in the article and just replace your file locations and details.



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  • Hi Carolyn,

    Do you know if its possible to run this using Microsoft Visual Basic 2008?

    When I was looking at your code in BIDS it was showing DTS as unrecognised. Can you add a reference library or something to sort this?

    Thank you kindly,


  • Anyone?? Still have an issue with the Dts.Variable not being recognised.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • "Dts is not declared" is the message I receive for the script. Any changes required for SQL Server 2014?

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