Using SQL Trace to Audit Database Access

  • awu,

    I am happy it worked out for you. Glad to be of help.


  • Hi,

    What you say about this trace select into your analyze table - i used

    SELECT * INTO dbo.Analyze FROM :: fn_trace_gettable('\\MYHOST\SHAREDFOLDER\trace_filename.trc', default)

    and after giving anyone all access to this folder that works well...




    I have one  question. The article was very good, I made changes to the script so I could trace what I needed to. One more thing, I am trying to filter not just by application name (column 10) but also by the name of the application so I will get activity for that particular app and I am not having much luck. I am poblably missing something simple but...could you help please?

    Thanks a lot


  • When I stop running trace, I still cannot open trace file. It seems to keep a lock to it.

  • Too cool. 😎


  • Attached the script, formated for those interested 😀

    Shawn Melton
    Twitter: @wsmelton
    Github: wsmelton

  • I am getting the error...

    The trace file name is not valid because it contains a rollover file number (NNN in C:\file_NNN) while the trace rollover option is enabled.

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