Using SQL Profiler to Resolve Deadlocks in SQL Server

  • Thanks Jonathan. I was able to see the resources after I saved the xdl file as a txt.

    The deadlocks happen when executing an SSIS sequence of packages. What is strange is that the identical packages run fine on sql2005 server, but they frequently deadlock in sql2008. The deadlock most often invloves an alter index rebuild all statement and an update.

    Are there differences between SQL 2005 and 2008 that could potentially cause the deadlocks?



  • Not that I know of, but its possible that there might be. Without the deadlock graph its hard to know what is occurring behind the scenes leading to the deadlock. I would look first at the two schema's and the list of indexes to see if there is a difference there. Is there a filtered index in 2008? Was an index added?

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  • Thanks Jonathan!!

    This really made things a lot clearer for me.

    Don't know if there are better techniques now days, but this one's a keeper!!

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