Using SProc to insert data

  • I have an existing sproc that returns 15 fields and I'd like to use this to insert data into a table that only has 10 fields. Is there any way to ignore the extra fields in an Insert statement or do i need to create a new sproc?



  • Your stored proc returns a result set I assume, so I assume you're asking if you can do something like:


    EXEC StoredProc

    To my knowledge, no, you can't do that. What you can do is create a temp table or table variable, insert it into that table, and then from there, you can insert the values you want into your table.


    DECLARE @TempTable TABLE




    INSERT INTO @TempTable (AllColumnsFromStoredProc)

    EXEC StoredProc

    INSERT INTO RealTable (ColumnsToInsert)

    SELECT ColumnsToInsert FROM @TempTable

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