Using pre-commit to prevent simple mistakes

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  • Thank you for the interesting article. I saw the SQL patterns sought had to do mainly with formatting. Woud any of this cause an issue with a git commit ?

    Would you know any article or series on CI/CD ?


  • If you run pre-commit installthen you are telling the pre-commit tool to block any commit that doesn't comply with the linters/formatters.

    This can be a good thing for two reasons

    • It encourages small commits
    • The rules are there for a reason

    There are cases where you might have a legitimate need to ignore the rules and you can mark your code to do that.

    In terms of good books, two of the best are

    • Dave Farley, Continuous Delivery
    • Gene Kim, The DevOps Handbook

    I work for a company that uses GitHub workflows.  They are good enough for what we do as we take pains to make things as simple as possible.  There's a cost associated with Github workflows so a key thing for us is to be able to do what the GitHub workflows do locally as much as possible.

    Ultimately we want to make sure that the following takes place

    • Check pull requests have the desired information in them.
    • Code compilation
    • Code quality checks
    • Unit and integration tests
    • Deploy to integration environment on pass.


  • Much appreciated , thank you for the information.


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