Using Lookup Function to Bridge Datasets in Report Builder

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  • hi nice article.

    I have a issue which this looks like it may be about to solve. What I need to do in my lookup dataset though is group on two fields and then aggregate a third - i.e.

    Group1, TransactionType SUM(my Value)

    the purpose of this dataset is to say the total of Group1, TransactionType total is x.

    in the main report/data set, I would then include every transaction where the sum of the group1 and transcationType total is more than x?

    eg. report

    group transactionType groupTotalValue TxValue

    home Buy 10 2

    home exchange 10 7

    home sell 10 1

    so the sum of the TxValue would match groupTotalValue.

    the complex bit is that I want to filter the report by on groupTotalValue > 10 using the lookup dataset. (i hope that makes sense)

    How would I do that as I keep reading that you can group in a dataset?

    any help would be appreciated

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