Using Enterprise manager to monitor an MSDE database

  • HI. We have an application server that will now have an MSDE database installed on it. It was mentioned that I could use my enterprise manager that I have installed on my sql server 2000 standard edition to monitor that msde database. Is this possible? If so, could someone point me to a document on how to do this? In short, the msde is on server1 and the enterprise manager is on server2 and my desktop also.. 



  • Just register a new server and connect to the MSDE on server1

    Normal chaos will be resumed as soon as possible. :crazy:

  • HI thanks..Got it working ! 

  • HI. I have another scenario with the enterprise manager. I am trying to register an SQL Express(running on a laptop) on my sql 2000 enterprise manager that is installed on my desktop. I am not having luck doing this. I have tried using windows authentication, sql server security and even the SA userid and no luck. Is it even possible for me to register an SQL express on an enterprise managaer that is running sql 2000?



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