Using CLR Integration in SQL 05 for Writing Stored Procedures

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  • Am I the only person who thinks this is a poor article?

    To quote:

    "But the problem with T-SQL is that programmers already have enough to learn, much less having to master another language for storing and executing code in databases. T-SQL is a crude version of some higher-level languages such as Visual Basic, but gets the job done with fundamentals."

    NO - T-SQL is a SET  BASED language which is strong at handling tuples of data - which is what the Relational Model is all about.

    "SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand("SELECT * FROM

    dbo.Widgets", conn);"

    SELECT * - no need to say more about that. But are we really saying that all select statement now needs to be compiled in c# code, then deployed as assemblies, just so developers don't need to learn T-SQL?

    I am not anti-CLR. CLR can be great - when you need it. My current thinking is: Explain why your C# code should not be in the application tier. Explain why it should be c# and not T-SQL. If both of those criteria are met, THEN consider CLR.

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