Using Azure Data Studio with Git

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  • Thanks Steve!  I've been using ADS with git for a while now.  Lovin' it!  Still a mystery why SSMS doesn't support git out of the box, though, considering it's built on VS.

    Gerald Britton, Pluralsight courses

  • Been a mystery for me as well. It's the big reason why Redgate built SQL Source Control. Not sure if they'll ever change.

  • The other thing I'd like to see in SSMS is extensions as in ADS.  Clearly the support is in VS upon which SSMS is built.  Opening that up would encourage innovation and probably simplify the work for 3-party vendors (like RG, of course!)

    Gerald Britton, Pluralsight courses

  • Been looking to remove a Git repository sync'd with Azure Data Studio.  I don't see any options for this.   I've tried to uninstall/reinstall Azure Data Studio, but the repository I'm trying to delete remains under Explorer.  Any suggestions?

  • Just delete the folder. The git repo is the folder. If you remove it, it's gone.

  • Yep, that did it.  I ultimately uninstalled ADS, removed that cloned folder, and then reinstalled ADS.  Sounds like uninstall was not needed...  Thanks for the follow-up!

  • I'm baffled by the lack if information on how to use Azure Data Studio with Azure DevOps Server as the Git provider.   ADS seems to default to using Github.  We don't use Github.  We use Azure DevOps.

    Additionally I'm baffled by the lack of information on how to have multiple database projects in ADS where each database project is it's own Git repository.

    Let's say  you have a server with a bunch of databases and you want each database to be an ADS database project and each project to be a different Git repository.  There's a total lack of information on this.  If I've missed it, please point me there.

  • Git is Git. There is no different from ADS in using GitHub vs. Azure Data Studio. No need for separate git information as a provider. You authenticate to one and your repository should be connected.

    As for DB Projects, I haven't done much work, so I don't have an answer there. I assume that you just open each one in a separate VSCode window, opening the repo for each.


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