Using AI with Data Tasks

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  • I'm a bit old school and my job doesn't allow me time to fiddle too much with new things, although they do interest me. I did like your comments about AI homogenizing data and also your remarks about data observation and looking for anomalies. This reminds me of a few scenarios in popular entertainment over the past years. The first thing that came to mind can probably be summed up with the show 'Person of Interest'. This show is based on the premise that computer technology, most likely AI, can track just about anybody or anything anywhere and bring it front and center to anyone looking for it. That is likely already in use with AI driving it.

    The second item is most likely what many others have thought. AI is the beginning of the end. As we bring the ability of computing closer and closer to original thought, we may bring about our own demise, cloaked in incredible convenience. This, of course, brings about thoughts of the Terminator series of movies.

    I have tried AI to see if it could come up with some jQuery code I needed help with, and it did do a passable job. I did not end up using the code, but it gave me an idea for my solution.

    There seems to be plenty of merit to AI, right now mostly casual. It would likely be a good source for pulling out obscure information or distilling huge amounts of of info into manageable amounts.  But I have learned in the past to be careful what you wish for.

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