user_seeks Vs user_scan

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    I tried finding this (user_seeks Vs user_scan) out on internet but no proper explanation is present for this. I was able to find the difference between index_seeks vs index_scan but i would like to know about what is meant by user_seeks and user_scan.

    I don't want the exact difference but what they mean.

  • User seeks and scans are those initiated by stored procedures or ad hoc queries issued by users (such as you), as opposed to those initiated by the system.

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  • I found out that user_seek means number of times when the user issues the command like select fname from emp

    and user_scan means the number of time the user issue select * from emp.

  • User_seeks will be the number of times a user query could use a seek on the index (execution plan shows an index seek operation), user scans is the number of times that a user query had to scan the index to get the necessary results.

    Any select without a where clause will be a scan.

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