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    A group in our organization (DAG- Data Architecture Group) are pushing to add some tables and procs to the master database. The DBA's, including me, don't like the idea of non-system object in the master database. Does placing non-system object in the master database go against any best practices that you can think of? Any problems in upgrading? Is there supporting docuementation out there?

    This group (DAG) have created these tables to monitor there own customized replication process as well as storing audit information about database changes. Both are home grown solution that I have my reseveration about.

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    Books online recommends not placing objects in Master. I'd recommend against it too.

    Truth is, you can put objects there. You'll have to be much more careful about backups. You might expose security holes in your system, so be very restrictive in access to master. Always remember, if master goes away, so does the server.

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