Use URL as image souce

  • Anyone know if it's possible to supply an URL (i.e. http://lanserver1/img/hello.jpg) which would be stored in a SQL table for the source of an image for reporting services?

    It seems that this should be possible however so far I have been unable to do so.  Looks like RS wants either an embedded image or and image something from the database.


  • Yes it is absolutley possible.  I have done it numerous times with .asp pages.  I am only familiar with Dreamweaver as the development tool but I think this should work with other apps.

    The section of code in red is .asp code from a query called "PharmHome", and "PictureName" is the actual

    image file name.

    <img src="/pics/<%=(PharmHome.Fields.Item("PictureName").Value)%>" width="100" height="100">

    I'm sure you could also use the whole path from a DB field also.  This will put the image on an .asp page, as well as anything else on the page.  Your example above will leave the current page and open a brand new blank page containing only that image.

    Hope this helps ... I have never used this forum before.

  • Thanks for the reply twadam, that would certainly accomplish what I want to do if I were using classic asp, but I am trying to use the new Reporting Services report designer in VS.NET

    I came across this in the help, which mentions a 'web' image type which sounds like what I need. However it is missing from the Image wizard on my install. Maybe they left it out of the final version and forgot to change the help documentation?  



    Can someone else at least verify that the 'web' option is missing from their install too.



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