Use SSRS as a web application?

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    so i have made reports for a while, also made a quick and easy timesheet like web application with only using ssrs (using insert, delete update etc.), but got me thinking, is it possible to make a nice enterprise or a mid size application for a company to use using only SSRS? has anyone ever done that before? i tried to look online but seems i cant find an example if anyone has attempted this or not.

    is it because of speed, complexity etc. that the application layer would require to handle? as it is my little ssrs timesheet thing worked out great for a small mom and pops shop.

    thanks in advanced.

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    I have used SSRS for like this (as both a data input and for data retrieval) and think SSRS is terrible for this. The main problem is that you have no way to control the parameter behavior (an area where SSRS is very week). Better options, which depend on budget and available skill set, include:

    1. MS Access as a front end and SSRS for reporting

    2. ASP.Net from scratch (using Web Forms or whatever is hot these days [I'm not a .NET developer])

    3. ASP.Net MVC

    4. SharePoint

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