• Hi,

    What is the use of running DBCC FREESESSIONCACHE.

    How frequently can we do this on all the databases.

    What happens if we schedule to run it every 1min.

    Are there any advantages/disadvantages of running this on all databases.

  • DBCC FREESESSIONCACHE removes all queries from the distributed query cache. This however does not impact anything in the standard procedure cache, to clear the standard procedure cache use DBCC FreeProcCache instead. The distributed query cache contains the queries that used the OPENROWSET and OPENDATASOURCE functions to connect to remote data sources.

  • Before answering your last three questions...

    Why are you considering running it at all?

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  • It has been already running before we took them into support, the guys who managed those and leaving now is saying to make use of more worker threads, which I am not sure.. and also there is a DNS issue going on the server.. where the SQL Server was not able to connect during that issue.

    Please suggest

  • Could anyone please suggest on this...

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