URGENT !! : SQLServerAgent could not be started

  • This problem came about WIN2K settings were too tight. is there any doc etc that detail how to lock down NT without causing problems to SQL ?


    ok, finally an answer to this.

    Go to Local security policy / Account policies / password policy / Passwords must meet complexity requirements was enabled .

    set this to disabled.

    plus in the network config utilty in the named pipes \\servername\pipe\sql\query was changed to \\.\pipe\sql\query

    these changes seemed to have fixed the problem.

  • What cache file?


  • what hech is a cache file?

    We had the same problem where I use to work. The way we fixed was that we deleted one of the cache files in the sql server directory and then sql server agent started ok. Make sure you make a backup of the file first before you try this though. Good luck


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