Uploading On-Premise data to Azure Blob Storage using SSIS

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  • Hi,
    Two questions.
    -What storage type would you use for json files? Blob? With the next step Azure SQLDB or DW
    -What would you recommend to transfer GB's of data everyday using SSIS (as I assume this example is using the public internet and would be slow) ExpressRoute? VPN? Ease of setup and cost would be more important than speed

  • Blob storage container would be the best for storing your json files. Storing the files in Azure Storage is easy but storage might fall short for humongous amount of data.  You might want to use Azure Data Lake for GB's of data. Speaking of speed and ease of setup ExpressRoute will be very helpful as it lets you extend your on-premise networks into Microsoft Cloud over private connection . It will aid faster and reliable data transfer over to the Cloud.

  • Hi,


    As per article there are 4 types of storage from which you have given example for Blob storage.

    currently I am having requirement to upload files on File Storage. how it is going to be implement using same upload task in SSIS?

    can you please assists me on same.

  • Hello,

    I followed the steps mentioned in the article. My package is failing  "azure Upload task has failing with exception: Unable to create Azure Blob container. " Kindly advise.

    I'm using SSDT 2017.


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