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  • We are using two apps servers that have the client SQL software on them. They are connecting to a central DB but there have been inconsistencies between the two. Our VAR has asked us to update the 'client software'. Both machines are running SQL7 with SP3 but when I go into the QA and have a look at help-about both seem to differ in versions one being 7.00.623 the other being 7.00.619. I am sure that these two versions will not impede performance but I would like to get these two versions matching. Can anyone help, please?

  • Looks like the client tools were not updated. Try reinstalling SP3 and check the version afterwards. Should change, then try the same on the other machine.

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  • How can I tell if we have all the latest service packs on our server?

  • This list which cam efrom http://www.sql-server-performance.com is the mot complete but some beta numbers and possible hotfixes are missing but for the most part is accurate. Also run SELECT @@VERSION to get the server version.


    2000.8.00.534 SQL Server 2000 SP2

    2000.8.00.384 SQL Server 2000 SP1

    2000. SQL Server 2000 "gold" release, no SP

    7.00.623 SQL Server 7.0 "gold" release, no SP

    7.00.677 MSDE in Office 2000, Office Developer

    7.00.689 SQL Server 7.0 SP1 Beta

    7.00.699 SQL Server 7.0 SP1

    7.00.835 SQL Server 7.0 SP2 Beta

    7.00.842 SQL Server 7.0 SP2

    7.00.961 SQL Server 7.0 SP3

    7.00.1063 SQL Server 7.0 SP4

    6.50.201 SQL Server 6.5 "gold" release

    6.50.213 SQL Server 6.5 with SP1

    6.50.240 SQL Server 6.5 with SP2

    6.50.252 SQL Server 6.5 with "bad" SP3. Do not use.

    6.50.258 SQL Server 6.5 with SP3

    6.50.259 SQL Server 6.5 on SBS only

    6.50.281 SQL Server 6.5 with SP4

    6.50.297 SQL Server 6.5 included in Site Server 3

    6.50.339 SQL Server 6.5 "Y2K" Hot-fix

    6.50.415 SQL Server 6.5 with "bad" SP5. Do not use.

    6.50.416 SQL Server 6.5 with SP5a

    6.50.479 SQL Server 6.5 with "post SP5a update"

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  • Thanks for that. Our version is 7.00.916

    These means i have sp3. Should i get the sp4? What does it do if i do get it?


  • Check out http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;Q313980& should answer.

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