Upgrade replicated subscriber from 2008 to 2012

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    We have to upgrade a 2008 server to 2012. This server is a subscriber for transactional replication. The publisher is a 2012 server and is our main server. MS articles suggest that publisher activity needs to be stopped before upgrade of subscriber. BUt since the publisher is our main business server, we can't afford to stop activity on that. Has someone upgraded a replicated subscriber server without interfering with publisher?

    Will it suffice if I just stop the log reader agent, upgrade the subscriber and then start the log reader agent?


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    Yes we did upgrade subscribers before and we did not stop activity on publisher. Either u can stop logreader or distribution agent before doing an upgrade on subscriber.

  • Just in case if it helps anyone, we did the upgrade of subscriber by stopping the Distributor agent for all publishers and it worked just fine. Stopping log reader agent is not suggested by many experts as it will blow out your log file.



    Online Trainer For SQL DBA and Developer @RedBushTechnologies with 18 yrs exp.

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