Upgrade from Sql server 6.5 to sql server 2000 .

  • I was update my sql server to version 6.5 from version 2000 ,

    i suffer from a usage decries in performance after the Upgrade .

    I working with VB application that connect sql server via dao .

    I perform BBCC DBReIndex and update statistics on all database tables .

    can you please tell what else can i check ?

  • I'd double check that statistics are current - run sp_updatestats. It's the number one reason people complain about performance after an upgrade. Next thing to check would be are you running in 65 compatibility mode? I don't think DAO will hurt you that much, but you should probably check that you have the latest version/service pack on the client. Have you tried running a "slow" query in Query Analyzer? Take a look at the plan and the statistics.


  • Thank you Andy for your replay .

    I run sp_updatestats on my server .

    the change compatibility level to 65 and 80

    also did not help .

    the server run so slow that I miss the old 6.5 server .........

  • Did you update stats before or after changing the compatibility level? SQL2K should NOT be slower than 6.5.


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