Upgrade from SP1 to SP3 on server with two named instances, run upgrade twice?

  • I have a server with 2008 R2 SP1 using two named instances.  When I run the SP3 upgrade executable (SQLServer2008R2SP3-KB2979597-x64-ENU), do I run this once or twice (one for each instance)?  I also realize that I need to run the Meltdown Patch executable, I presume also one time or two times?  For my single instance servers, I simply run the upgrade executable.  I tried looking for posts on this subject but could not find any.  Thanks!!

  • I got timed-out error message from SQLServer Central, why same question posted twice.

  • As you go through the screens to apply SP3 it will sense you have 2 separate instances.  A screen will come up showing both instances and you can check one or the other or both to have it applied to.

  • Thanks to all for the answers!

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