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  • I am creating some questions site by ASP, by filling in the answers in a table on SQL 2005 and passing to the next site.

    I'm giving the user a kind of tracking (identity), wich the user is passing over from on Question site to the other by Request.Form.

    On the first Site the user is filling the name, first name, time and the kind of identity

    sql= "INSERT INTO web(first name ,name,identy,time)VALUES('" & first name & "','" & name & "','" & identy & "','" & time & "')"

    this works fine!

    No I would like to continue with an Update Statement.

    sql = Update web Set answer1='" & answer1 & "' where identity ='" & identity &

    It gives me just an Internet Error Message: The page can't be shown...

  • I suspect that your browser is suppressing the real error message. You should look to see if Friendly HTTP Error messages is turned on.

    Pertinent to this forum, what you are doing appears to be ripe for SQL injection. One of the basics is to use stored procedures and pass in parameters instead of building the ad-hoc SQL.

    There are all sorts of best practices out there regarding ASP and SQL Server development. I strongly suggest that you visit a few of these websites before getting too far down this path.


  • If this is actually the line of code:

    sql = Update web Set answer1='" & answer1 & "' where identity ='" & identity &

    Then it isn't going to work as you do not have an opening double-quote on the string and you are ending the line with the concatenation character.

    Beyond that you are leaving yourself open to SQL Injection by using the methods you are using. At the very least you should be using a command object with parameters instead of a straight SQL string.

  • It is obvious, the SQL Satement is wrong,

    But I can't yet manage it the right way.

    sql = "Update web Set antwort1="' & antwort1 & "' where erkennung='" & erkennung & "'"

    It doesnt work too!

    Can anybody help my aboout the Update Statement ?

  • Have you viewed the SQL string that is built and verified that it is valid in SSMS? Just a Response.Write(SQL) so you can verify the string is bing built correctly would help. If your table and column names are correct then I can't see anything wrong with SQL Statement.

  • Look at the quotes after "antwort1="

    You have "' and I believe it should be '" .

  • I am trying out:


    sql = "Update web Set answer1='" & answer1 & "' where identity='" & identity & "'"

    Gives the error message with

    Response.Write (SQL)


    Update web Set answer11='gerste' where identity=''3597@10P136P12P125''

    Wich is not yet working.

  • Is this the output of your response.write?

    Update web Set answer11='gerste' where identity=''3597@10P136P12P125''

    I see double quotes in the identity part. Check the Identity part. Also if I am not mistaken Identity (Your Column Name) is a Keyword. Put a square bracket for IDENTITY.


  • identity is just a normal column, not the identifier, I know, it is probalbly not right to use this word as an normal column, since it it reserved as identifier.

    I don't know how to make the square brackets.

    What would the SQL Statement be ?

  • I found the right SQL Statement.

    sql = "Update web Set answer1='" & answer1 & "'" & " where identity=" & identity

    Thanks a lot for your replies.

    SQL seems to be very delicate.

  • U need to give necessary spaces between quotation marks and SQL keywords so that the SQL server can interpret them.

    If you dont give them properly especially in ASP. it is very difficult to trace them

    better make use of Reponse.Write for the SQL statement to be executed before only

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