updatable subscriptions must use trigger?

  • Playing with updatable subscriptions, I've found an odd thing:

    It seems I have to alter my existing triggers to exit if they are fired by the repilcation trigger. Is this so? I have a lot of triggers that my users are gun-shy about altering and maintaining. How can I get 2-way replication without changing my existing and future triggers?


    Jerry Ratner

  • When triggers are built (or altered), you can include the following: NOT FOR REPLICATION.

    As per Books Online:



    Indicates that the trigger should not be executed when a replication process modifies the table involved in the trigger.

    Otherwise their firing is the proper behavior. You probably are going to have to go back and alter your triggers, but at least you're not having to massively rewrite a bunch of code.

    K. Brian Kelley



    K. Brian Kelley

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