Updatable Subscription failes from Standalone to Cluster server

  • I have a Updatable Transaction Replication setup between Cluster SQL Server 2005 and Standalone SQL Server 2005.

    Now when are updating the replicate table on Cluster box, it get replicated to standalone box. But when we are trying to update the replicated table at standalone box, it fails with error.

    The RPC Security information for the Publisher is missing or invalid. Use sp_link_Publication to specify it.

    When I tried to run sp_link_Publication on Subscriber (standalone server) it failed as well.

    This is live production environment so I have limited options to try.

  • Based on what you are describing, it looks like the clustered SQL Server is publisher while standalone is the immediate updating subscriber. The immediate updating subscriber has _sync triggers to make changes using distributed queried on the publisher.

    Do you see linked server configured on the subscriber pointing to publisher? Check the same and check it vice-versa as well. Ensure that DTC is working normally at both ends.

    If the linked server is configured but you have to use SQL Authentication to connect to publisher, then execute command sp_link_publication with option security_mode = 2 on the publisher.

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