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  • My 1 semester of Spanish in college didn't help me very much today, but I still have the book and think I can figure out the text.

    This is very cool. I have similar problems, especially with a remote server.

    I used 7-Zip to archive the remote SQL Server full backup, but now can't get it here to headquarters. I wanted to keep a copy just in case we needed to set it up locally and point remote users to it. I tried copying the zipped archive to our FTP site, but it was too big (5GB). I guess I need to buy an 8GB thumb drive and mail it up there. Any ideas on that?


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  • If you are using sql server 2008 you will can backup with "compression" but if you not, you have a problem.

    Try install 7-zip again, it's a free software and very userfull.



  • Thanks for the script.

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