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  • mcfarlandparkway


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    insert into dbo.details





    select distinct



    from dbo.student st


    select distinct



    from dbo.department dt


    select distinct



    from dbo.Orders Ot

    i have 3 different select statements where i am doing union and inserting into table; How can i keep all the three select statements in a temp table and use temp table inserting into main.

    while inserting into main table to avoid duplicates data which already exists in main table we should not insert again from temp table.

  • Mr. Brian Gale


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    To insert it into a temp table, just insert it into a temp table instead of into dbo.details.  once that is done, to put the values from the temp table into details excluding duplicates, just have a where clause on your insert.

    something like:

    CREATE TABLE #tmpTable (DetailID INT, DetailName VARCHAR(MAX))
    insert into #tmpTable (DetailID, DetailName)
    <your code from above>
    INSERT INTO dbo.details (DetailID, DetailName)
    SELECT DetailID, DetailName FROM #tmpTable
    WHERE #tmpTable.DetailID not in (select detailID from dbo.details)

    With your code, I would recommend removing the "DISTINCT" as it is not needed.  It is already going to be a distinct list.

  • drew.allen

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    Why are you cramming Students, Departments, and Orders into the same table without any way to differentiate them?  They're completely different objects with completely different details.


    J. Drew Allen
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    Philadelphia, PA

  • Sumathi

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    I dont think there are duplicates in your result set. However, You can use the below:

    Select A.* Into #temp From (

    <<Your code>>

    ) As A Where A.DetailId Not In(Select DetailId From dbo.details)

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