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    how to change the code to make UNION between the results of the two exec's

    and the result to have two rows (one with 1 and the 2nd with 2)

    declare @s1 as varchar(100)

    declare @s2 as varchar(100)

    set @s1 = 'SELECT 1'

    set @s2 = 'SELECT 2'

    exec( @s1 )


    exec( @s2 )



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    Create a temp table, use Insert ... EXEC to insert the output of the procedures into the table, then query the table.

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  • srikant maurya

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    What about this...

    exec ( @s1+ ' UNION '+ @s2 )

  • Iulian -207023


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    Thanks a lot.


    What about this...

    exec ( @s1+ ' UNION '+ @s2 )

    that is nice, I have not thought about it. Unfortunately this query string is a sample, the real one is more complex.

    I created a stored procedure that inserts records and another one that merges them all.

    Have a great day,


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