Union and Union All

  • sanjeewan99

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  • Ron McCullough

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    Nice to be reminded of the basics

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    bitbucket-25253 (7/7/2012)

    Nice to be reminded of the basics


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  • Ravi SQL


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    nice one...


  • Revenant


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    A really easy one for my Sunday evening... but it is always good to brush up on he basics.

    Thanks, Sanjeewan!

  • rhythmk


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    Easy one to start the week.:-)

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  • Koen Verbeeck

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    A little bit too easy. But then again, it's Monday...

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  • SQLPhil

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    Koen Verbeeck (7/9/2012)

    A little bit too easy. ...

    I don't mind. After the shenanigans of last week it's nice to have a question that really does only have one possible answer! 😀

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  • Michael Lysons


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    Question. Answer. Sorted.

  • DugyC

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    Nice and simple back to basics, perfect for a Monday.

    Thanks 😀

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  • call.copse


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    Though I was a little disappointed that it could not have been A, B, A as well, after indexgate, I did manage to get the idea fairly directly.

  • Vinay Kumar


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    nice and easy.

    Vinay Kumar
    Keep Learning - Keep Growing !!!

  • Duncan Pryde


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    Not a bad question, and got me thinking about other possible questions, so here goes - how many rows are returned in the two following cases?

    -- Query 1

    SELECT 'A'


    SELECT 'A'


    SELECT 'A'

    -- Query 2

    SELECT 'A'


    SELECT 'A'


    SELECT 'A'

    Try to guess first, then use MS to verify. 😀

  • Andre Guerreiro


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    For one moment, I thought there was a catch somewhere as the question and code all looked very easy.

    It's interesting how the first part of the UNION is a derived table without an outer SELECT. I thought that would raise an error. But it seems the query processor changes the order of the UNION? (EDIT: No, it doesn't.)

    Excellent question to start the week. Thank you.

    EDIT: Nevermind. I was confused with the parenthesis. SQL Server will allow that just fine. Need more coffee.

    Best regards,

    Andre Guerreiro Neto

    Database Analyst

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