Uninstalling MSDE sp2

  • I am currently having a problem with uninstalling a default instance of MSDE 2000 after applying SP2. When I go to add/remove programs and select to uninstall I am getting the message 'Instance name specified is invalid'. Has anyone else seen this problem? Can anyone give any pointers as to what might be causing this?

    Many Thanks. Andy.

  • Hi Andy,

    I'm having the same problem (after having big problems with the install in the first place!).

    I've found that if I go into the registry and remove all of the references related to SQL Server under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft the uninstall would work.

    A word of caution though: I had the luxury of working with this problem on a test box that I can scrap if something unforseen happens. I wouldn't want to attempt it on a production system, just in case the registry editing has consequences that I'm not seeing. This was sort of a last ditch effort on my part that happened to work out :^)

    I'm still looking at the problem, and if I learn anything new I'll post it.



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