Uninstall SSIS - Enterprise 2012

  • I have been asked to uninstall SSIS from one of our SQL Server boxes. It is Enterprise 2012. I thought the installation center would provide an uninstall option but that doesn't appear to be the case.

    When I look at Control Panel/Programs and Features, I don't see Integration Services at all. I do see three different Data Tools options but nothing referencing Integration Services.

    It is installed on Windows Server 2012 R2.

    Any helps/pointers would be appreciated.


  • SSIS is a feature of SQL Server. You need to go to either SQL Server Installation Center or Control Panel > Programs and Features and select SQL Server. Then you will get an option to Uninstall. After the wizard for the uninstall has started you will get a window to select which features to uninstall. You can check SSIS from there.

    Joie Andrew
    "Since 1982"

  • Thanks Joie,

    I found the part of the problem was that I was logged in as myself and not as Administrator. Once I logged in as administrator, the options became available.


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