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  • The picture use used in the editorial reminded me of the good old ROT13 solution on thread http://www.sqlservercentral.com/Forums/Topic579917-338-1.aspx some years ago. :w00t:


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  • SQL servers implementation is pretty good although it has no real turn-key management solution (yes, it provides some infastructure) and the exact encryption result can not be reproduced external to the server.

    Key management is by far the most important element of security involving encryption and it requires serious thought and planning to come up with an optimal solution. For maximum security key management should be a roll your own approach.

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  • In my last job doing public sector consulting, I saw a lot of our customers mandating encryption at rest for all databases without being able to even articulate the tradeoffs and risks, and without also mandating any sort of key management strategy. I saw this on RFC's for different departments in different states. It's clearly become a checklist item. But the incomplete understanding is scary. I guess somebody is going to have to lose access to something big due to an external attacker getting access to a keyserver or to a disgruntled admin to make people understand the risks.

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