Understanding Graphical Execution Plans - Part 2: How to Create One

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    Thank you Darren for this nice peace. I missed the mentioning of some third party tools such as SQL Sentry Plan Explorer.

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    Seconded Eirikur. SQL Sentry's plan explorer is a great tool. You can export your plans by following the steps in this article and then open them with plan explorer. Obviously you can also run your queries directly in the software, but I've been working on servers where we can only export the plans...

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    After reading this article on how to generate the execution plan, you could view this article on how to export the plans 😉


    Thanks for the article Darren.

    If you are ever interested in a second set of eyes to tech edit your articles (a few of us here at SSC help each other with that sort of thing), just PM me.

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